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Phoenix Realty is a local residential real estate company that offers sales and residential property management services in the Triangle.  We have been practicing residential real estate over 20 years.  In 2007, we expanded our office to HWY55 by the Research Triangle Park. Our residential sales and our properties under management are steadily growing. Our staff are all licensed real estate professionals. Some focus solely in real estate sales while others major in property management. We work in a small team environment. We like what we do. And yes, we choose who we work with. We like having fun at work and we keep work at work.  If this excites you, contact us by filling out the form below. Lets start creating those memorable moments together.

Guiding Principles

At Phoenix, we focus on productivity and result. How you get there, we leave alot of that in your hand. Our guiding principles are: 1) We fund and shape the goal —but we rely on you to act and implement; 2) We take risks, make big bets, and move with urgency; 3) We seek and heed the counsel of outside voices; 4) We demand ethical behavior of ourselves; 5) We leave room for growth and change.

We currently do not have an open positions. However, if you strongly lean toward working with an office like us, send us your resume below and we would certainly be honored to follow up with you.

Our Values

Freedom to explore & do what you enjoy – helping people to succeed. As a practitioner of real estate, freedom is yours to give.

Creativity to help your client – helping your customer see beyond boundaries. As a practitioner of real estate, your creativity is what makes your client relationship satisfying.

Flexibility in your own life and in with your family.  They come first. It is only yours to give.

Rewards. Getting that satisfaction and pleasure of imprinting a memorable experience for both you and your client.  You are compensated for what you enjoy doing. No one else has a say in it.

Frequently Available Positions

1. Experienced Property Manager. Minimum of 5 or more years.

2. College Intern. Creative individual with a bent toward design, graphic, business process evaluator, and web developer.

3. Web Developer (LAMP experience)

Please take a moment to tell us why you might be a great fit for Phoenix Realty.

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