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Maintenance Request

Our goal is to provide prompt and courteous service to our residents. Therefore, please read carefully below the instruction when submitting your maintenance request.

For an emergency service request, please call 911 first then call our after-hour number at (984) 244-0717.

For a routine service request, please log in your tenant portal and submit a service request. Your request will be delivered to our Service Department and resolved as quickly as possible.

Please read this before submitting your repair request: Residential Rental Contract, paragraph 5, Tenant’s Obligations and paragraph 11, Damages, states that tenant shall be responsible for and liable to the landlord for all damages, defacement of, or removal of property whatever the cause, except such damage caused by ordinary wear and tear. In such event, tenant will be charged for the repair.

Over the years, we have received all kinds of requests. We found the following to be most common and we hope the information and instruction below will help you solve/fix the problem you are having.

Still have problem? Log in your Tenant Portal to submit a service request.

Summer Heat is Here!

We have witnessed many AC failures in the past weeks and are expecting more as the summer heat kicks in.  All units are overworked. All are running constantly throughout the day,  old and new, alike.  This has nothing to do with the efficiency of the unit, but rather the summer heat.   Return to register temperature difference at best is 12-15°.  That is what most systems will pull.  The recommendation is to program your unit to 85° when you head out to work and no one is at home.  This saves money, energy and won’t wear out the unit.  Program your thermostat to turn back on at your preferred temperature thirty minutes before you come home.  This is the typical HVAC company recommendation to get the best use of the unit and maintain your electric bill.


Easy Steps to Take to Optimize Your Cooling
1. Change the filter on a regular basis. Once a month is best.
2. Remove all debris from the condenser unit outside to insure clear air flow.
3. Insure your return is clear from blockage.


If your unit is not working, not cooling or making rattling noises on the outside, please submit your work order via your tenant portal.  You can post updates to the same work order as progress is made.  Our priorities are on a  first come first served basis.  We do give families with young children preference whenever possible.  We have many vendors available, but all are booked in advance, so please be patient with us.  The vendor will contact you directly. You do not need to call the office constantly. Our staff is doing everything we can to quickly get a serviceman to your home.  We will contact you via the same venue to schedule the visit. We typically acknowledge your submission and inquire further of the problem you have.  We will try quickly to diagnose the problem whenever possible.  Past experience suggests that  more than 25% of our service calls were able to be corrected over the phone. The remainders are scheduled with one of our vendors, who takes care of the problem.


Thank you for your understanding.  Enjoy the hot summer; winter will be right around the corner.

Common Problems

  • Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks: Faucet Turnoff Knobs Is Under the Sink
  • Toilets: Knob is Behind Toilet
  • House Water Line: Check Closets, Outside Wall, or Crawl Space

HVAC Problems Are Often Caused by Dirty Air Filters – CHANGE THE FILTERS MONTHLY!!

  • Make sure the air filters in your rental home are changed on a monthly basis. Keeping the air filters clean will avoid a whole host of maintenance issues and problems. Maintenance calls which are found to be the result of dirty air filters will be billed to the tenant.
  • If your furnace will not turn on, and you realize that your air filters are dirty and suspect that may be the cause, turn off your furnace for an hour and then try to restart it. It could be the case that the blower motor has overheated or tripped an overheating sensor.

Central Air

  • Make sure the thermostat is set on “COOL”.
  • Check to see that the motor is running outside. See if the fan is spinning on the unit and listen for any strange noises. If you hear noises, check to see if there are any leaves or other debris blocking it.
  • Check to see that the fan motor is running (under the house or near the furnace). If it is not running, check the vents to see if any air is flowing. If no air is coming out of the vents, check the filters. Replace with matching filters from Home Depot.

Central GAS heat. If the fan is running, call to have your pilot light re-lit. During office hours, call our Office (544-0809). After hours, call local gas company. If the fan is not running at all, check the furnace fuse or circuit breaker.

OIL heat. Check your oil tank, by reading the gauge on it. In all likelihood, the tank is empty. Call your local oil supply company to have some oil delivered.

  • Check all your fuses and circuit breakers. Replace matching one at Lowe’s if fuse is blown. If breaker from the breaker box, toggle it off and then flip it back on.
  • If the power comes on and the fuse or breaker blows again, unplug all appliances that is attached to the fuse or breaker. You might want to start with the most recent added appliance prior to experiencing this problem. Replace the fuse or reset the breaker again and insert each appliance, one at a time, to see if a particular appliance item may be causing the outage.
  • If electricity remains off, call your local utility company. You may have forgotten to pay the power bill.

Garbage disposals sometimes get stuck and stop functioning due to some obstructions like chicken bones, olive pit or other hard items that gets jammed between the blades and the casing. Unless there is something physically wrong with the unit, like cracked disposal, the tenant is responsible for unsticking the disposal. There are some good instructional videos on like this one below. If our serviceman comes and he finds obstructions in the unit that keep it from working you will be billed $60 for the service.