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Credit Repair

A unique approach to personal credit repair

While the journey from renting to home ownership involves many steps, the first – and perhaps most important – is making certain your credit, particularly your credit score, is not only acceptable, but as good as it can possibly be. Why? Approval for a home loan begins with your credit score. Virtually all mortgage programs require a minimum score to qualify, with better rates and terms available for higher scores. If your credit score is below the “magic number” needed to qualify, your loan will be denied no matter how much money you make or the size of your down payment.

If you desire to make the journey to home ownership, *Phoenix Realty* wants to help. That’s why we have teamed up with *Greg Frank of Superior Credit Care* to offer you a path to home ownership that begins with a customized credit restoration and rebuilding program. Greg is one of the triangles leading experts on credit improvement. He has created a special program just for clients of Phoenix Realty that includes:

A detailed analysis report and action plan outlining the issues that are negatively affecting the score and steps needed to overcome them.

Providing services, techniques and strategies – custom tailored to your credit situation – to achieve maximum score improvement in the shortest possible time .

Monthly one-on-one, in person mentoring and progress review sessions.

Special discounted pricing.

Once it is determined, after initial complimentary review of your credit reports, that credit care is needed, clients of Phoenix Realty and Property Management can take advantage of the special discounted pricing.  $150 upfront, to get the process started, and $25/mo., thereafter, until completion.

Rebate: Utilize one of our experienced real estate agents to assist in the purchase of your dream home and receive a  rebate on the credit care (up to $200).

You can get started today by simply filling out the Free Credit Report Review request box below and clicking submit. Greg will contact you and assist you to obtain your credit reports directly from the three major credit bureaus. You will not have to pay a single penny until Greg has thoroughly reviewed your report and is certain he can help turn you into a home owner.

There is no risk, no obligation, and nothing to lose. Request your free credit report review and begin the journey from renting to home ownership today.