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Positioning Your Home

How to Attract Good Tenants Tips for Landlords.

According to studies by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) the following factors, ranked by their importance to those who responded to the study, are essential in attracting a new good tenant:


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Neighborhood: 23%

(Location, Location, Location) While you can not easily move your rental home, you can have a positive impact on your existing neighborhood by having consistently reliable, quality tenants that attracts good neighbors too.

Appearance: 19%

(Curb Appeal) First impressions are everything. Does the entry look warm and inviting? Does the exterior look good? Approach your property with an objective eye. Is the yard maintained? Is the interior clean? Do the appliances sparkle? Do all light fixtures function? Are the windows clean? Are the carpets and floors clean? If you can’t repair it – replace it. If you can’t clean it – cover it with a fresh coat of paint.

Floor Plan: 19%

While you cannot readily change the floorplan of the home, you can take several steps to maximize it’s features and space. If the home is currently occupied, un-clutter it as much a possible. Store as many personal items in external storage as possible. An empty room always looks and feels larger.

Rent Levels: 16%

Note how surprising the rental amount in the overall factor in tenant decision to rent the home. Phoenix suggest when time permits (60 days or more), price your rental at the higher end of the market. If you are late in the market, then price it competitively.

Amenities: 10%

Replace worn out light fixtures with an inexpensive ceiling fan and light kit. Install new vinyl mini blinds on all windows. Repair or replace screens, Replace dingy switch plates and outlet covers with new ones. Install new stove burner pans. Replace any furnace/AC filters.

Reputation: 7%

Phoenix Property Management has a reputation of service and excellence among our peers in the industry. We gladly offer you the benefit of our reputation for having experience and expertise.

Make your Home Ready to Rent! Impress the First Time.

A well-maintained home means higher profitability in the long term due to higher rental prices and eventual resale value of the home.
Below is an outline of the minimum property condition standards required prior to a new tenant moving into your home. These items will be verified or completed at each change of tenant.

“Curb Appeal” Approach your property objectively: Is it inviting?
Lawn mowed?

  • Flower beds weeded? Trees and shrubs trimmed back and not touching the property roof?
  • Make sure yard is well maintained. Reseed areas that need it. Remove dead branches.
  • If the home is (or becomes) vacant, hire a lawn service to maintain the outdoor areas until it is rented.
  • Have exterior steps, porch/deck, door(s), etc. pressure washed if needed. Do any needed painting, caulking or other repairs.

Remove ALL personal items, trash, and stuff from the premises – inside and out.

Change or have changed all Door Locks.(No double keyed dead bolts for fire safety). Change the combination on the garage door opener(s) and the handheld unit(s).

  • Secure all screens, windows and blinds or rods & make needed repairs.
  • Install mini blinds at all windows or, if already in place, dust and clean all mini blinds.
  • Wash windows inside and out, remove any curtains or drapes that are not neutral, clean and in good condition.
  • Remove old blind and drapery hardware that is not in use, patch holes and paint.

Stove, Refrigerator, Dishwasher, etc. must be thoroughly cleaned and in working order.

  • Clean or replace stove burner drip pans.
  • Clean the kitchen sink, under the sink, and inside and outside of ALL cabinets and drawers.
  • If you are leaving a washer & dryer at your rental home you should move them and clean under and behind, as well as wipe down.
  • Check the dryer filter and vent inside and outside. Have it professionally cleaned if necessary.
  • Floors should be vacuumed, vinyl or wood laminate floors scrubbed, removing dirt and marks.
  • Wood floors should be cleaned and buffed with appropriate wood-care products.
  • Have carpets professionally shampooed, or Phoenix will have them done.(Note: After the first carpet cleaning, all future carpet cleaning costs will be passed through to the tenant).

Check all fixtures, railings, cabinet doors, drawers, etc. If loose, tighten or repair them.

  • Wash or paint walls and trim where needed, especially areas around light switches, door frames and hallways.
  • Wash & clean switch plate covers. Make sure there is no chipping, flaking or peeling paint.
  • Re-glue any loose wallpaper.
  • Fixtures must be thoroughly cleaned, polished and disinfected.
  • Re-caulk tubs and showers if needed.
  • Check for loose towel bars, soap dishes and bathroom tissue holders. Make them sparkle.
  • Replace ALL burned out light bulbs.
  • Clean and make sure all light fixtures and ceiling fans are working and intact.
  • Check and replace batteries in all Smoke Detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • There must be at least one smoke detector and one carbon monoxide detector on each level of house, including basement and attic.
  • Clean out fireplace/woodstove (if applicable).
  • Have chimney professionally inspected and cleaned.
  • Vacuum and clean ALL heating/AC floor, wall ducts, air vents and returns, radiators, windows, sills, wells and baseboards.
  • Replace floor register and vent covers if they are old, soiled or rusty.
  • ALL plumbing fixtures should be checked for leaks and defects, as well as all electric switches/receptacles, ground faults (GFCI) and breakers.
  • Flip ALL breakers OFF, wait 15 seconds then turn them back on one at a time. Heating (oil): Have the burner serviced, fill the tank and buy a maintenance contract.
  • Heat Pumps (gas and/or electric): Clean area around furnace and check filter, clean or replace if necessary.
  • Leave some extra furnace filters.
  • Sweep, Clean and Vacuum Basement and Garage. Remove ALL of the Stuff.