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Move Out Guide


Phoenix Property Management speciallizes in residential rental homes and townhomes in the Cary, Apex, Morrisville, Holly Spring, Chapel Hill area of North Carolina. We currently have homes in all of these cities many are in sought after Wake County School Chapel Hill School.

Moving is never easy or fun. It involves a lot of work, sometimes more than you plan for. Phoenix would like to make things easier for you when you move out. Through many years of observing tenants moving in and moving out, we have come up with a list of items that we think will aid you in making moving a little easier. If you have to Move-Out before the date stated in your rental contract please read our Early Lease Termination guide.


What We Need From You:

  • Cooperation.
  • Keeping the home fresh, clean and clear.
  • Choose the notification period you agree to permitting us to show the home. You have signed to this when you move-in with us.
    __ I prefer a courtesy call from Phoenix 2 hours in advance.
    __ I prefer a courtesy call from Phoenix 4 hours in advance because I have a pet which needs to be restrained. Proof of pet will be required.
  • Phoenix suggests you remove all personal items that are of value to you.

All prospective tenants who view the property will be accompanied by a licensed real estate agent or by a member of the Phoenix staff. The faster we find the tenant, the less we have to open your home to showings. Therefore, your cooperation is critically important. Phoenix has the right to show the property to prospective tenants in order to re-rent the property per lease contract you signed when you rented the property.

Phoenix may begin showings 60 days before the end of your lease, depending on the market conditions and the nature of your specific property.

Phoenix has the right to place a combination lock box on the property, place a sign in the yard, advertise the property for rent, and allow member agents of the Multiple Listing Service to show the property.

You must cooperate with showings when notified within a reasonable period of time, day, and weekends.


You are required to keep all utilities on and in your name until the end date of your lease, even if you are moving out prior to the end of your lease. You will be charged $50 per utility that is turned off prior to the end date of your lease in the event that Phoenix has to re-connect your utilities in order to show the property to prospective clients. Without water for the toilets and sinks, lights, and AC or heat, prospective clients and agents may not show the property (in addition to the fact that leaving unflushed toilets may cause sanitation issues in the home). You will be held fully responsible for any damages incurred as a result of utilities being turned off prior to your lease end. Return visits by our maintenance staff or independently contracted maintenance or cleaning crews due to lack of functioning utilities also will be billed to you.


  • All keys must be brought to the Phoenix rental office upon move out. Failure to return ALL keys will result in the locks being changed and the cost deducted from your security deposit.
  • Follow the Lease Contract (statute para 1515. “Tenant’s Duties Upon Termination: Upon any termination of the Tenancy created hereby, whether by the Landlord or the Tenant and whether for breach or otherwise, the Tenant shall:
  1. Pay all utility bills due for services to the Premises for which he is responsible and have all such utility services discontinued
  2. Vacate the Premises removing therefrom all Tenant’s personal property of whatever nature
  3. Have the property professionally cleaned (house and carpet), including plumbing, dryer vents, fixtures, refrigerators, stoves & sinks, removing all rubbish, trash, garbage & refuse. House cleaning receipts must be emailed to before you return the keys to our office on your appointed drop off time. Failure to email them BEFORE your key return to the correct address may result in additional cleaning charges.
  4. Make such repairs and perform such other acts as are necessary to return the Premises, and any appliances or fixtures furnished in connection therewith, in the same condition as when Tenant took possession of the Premises; provided, however, Tenant shall not be responsible for ordinary wear and tear or for repairs required by law or by paragraph 6 above to be performed by Landlord
  5. Fasten and lock all doors and windows;
  6. Return to the Landlord all keys to the Premises
  7. Notify the Landlord of the address to which the balance of the Security Deposit may be returned. If the Tenant fails to sweep out and clean the Premises, appliances and fixtures as herein provided, Tenant shall become liable, without notice or demand, to the Landlord for the actual costs of cleaning (over and above ordinary wear and tear), which may be deducted from the Security Deposit as provided in paragraph 4 above.” ) plus Maintenance Addendum contract when preparing the property for vacating.
  • Keys must be turned in at the Phoenix rental office at day of lease end. You will be charged rent until keys are turned in or the cost to rekey/replace all of the locks/openers.
  • Provide Phoenix rental office with your forwarding address and telephone number to ensure refund of security deposit via email to
  • Your security deposit cannot be applied toward your final month’s rent. Your security deposit will be returned to you within 30 days of receipt of ALL keys in our office.
  • The property must be left clean, with no damage, for a full refund of your security deposit. The carpets must be professionally cleaned with the receipts emailed by the tenant to Failure to email BEFORE your key return to the correct address may result in additional cleaning charges.
  • All Phoenix rental properties are NON-Smoking. Evidence of smoking will result in a substantial deodorization charge.

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      Replace burned-out electric light bulbs and blown fuses.
      Reset tripped circuit breakers and oven timers.
      Leave working light bulbs in all electrical sockets at end of tenancy.
      Relight oil or gas furnaces and hot water heaters.
      Replace heating/air conditioning filters at least every three months.
      Leave new filter in the air return at the end of tenancy.
      Tenant is required to change the property HVAC (furnace) filter every month or as called for in the manual.
      If the refrigerator has a water filter, it must be replaced by the tenant, as called for in the manual.
      Use a professional carpet cleaning service to steam clean carpets unless you have written permission to clean them yourself.
      Use a non-damaging agent or use a professional hardwood cleaning service only.
      Use a non-damaging agent or use a professional hardwood cleaning service only.
      Mow the grass in a timely manner AND not violation of community HOA if applicable.
      Clean any gutters and trim shrubs at least semi-annually.
      Keep the porches, patios, balconies, and front and back yards free of clutter, unsightly items, and other personal articles



    Professional house and carpet cleaner must be used unless otherwise authorized in writing by a representative of Phoenix Property. Tenants must email all receipts along with a forwarding address to prior to returning the keys on their schedule move out day. Failure to submit these documents may result in fees being deducted from your security deposit.