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Application Fee Payment

Application Fee is $60 Non-Refundable per each adult.

Our online payment processor,, allows you to make a payment (via electronic check, debit card or credit card) any time of the day or night.

The cost of eCheck (bank draft) is $3.95. The cost of a credit card is $3.95 plus 3% of the amount.

Important: Using PayLease to pay requires an account. This is a very simple and quick process with little information prompted. When register, please use the address of the property you are applying for as the property address. The registration needs to be done in a computer. It does NOT work in mobile devices. Enter the street number in the “Street Number” field, and click the mouse somewhere. You should see the address pop up below. Click “Select” and you are done with the address part.


After making the payment, please remember to download the Employment and Rental Verification for each adult and email to to complete your application.

Thank You For Using Our Service!