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  • What is Our Tenant Application Process - Tenants who have found the perfect house to live in must begin the application process. At Phoenix Property Management, we provide an online application which can be accessed through our website. There are a series of specific steps that need to be completed, and then you’ll pay an application fee. Online Rental Application Prospective tenant can visit to find Continue Reading
  • Why Invest in Residential Real Estate in Durham, NC - We’re often asked what makes Durham a good place for real estate investment, so today we’re going over the three things that really make this area stand out when it comes to choosing a place to invest. Equilibrium of the Market Durham historically has a balanced real estate market which has provided safety and stability for investors. There are not Continue Reading
  • How to Prepare Your Cary NC Rental for Tax Reporting - Today, we are talking about how to prepare for tax reporting. As a property investor or a rental property owner, you have an asset that has been producing and generating income. You’ll need to report that income when you file your taxes. Every year, we send out a 1099 form before the end of January. When you receive this form, you can look at Box 1, which documents the total Continue Reading
  • Why Invest in Residential Real Estate in Cary, NC - Today, we are talking about the advantages of investing in real estate in the Cary, North Carolina market. Cary is centrally located in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina. It’s close to Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and RTP. Cary’s Appeal Getting in and out of Cary is convenient. Raleigh Durham International Airport is at the footsteps of Cary and Continue Reading
  • How to Reduce Vacancy in Your Rental Home – Durham NC - Today we are discussing vacancy rates. This is important to because a high vacancy rate can wreak havoc on your investment and your rental income. At Phoenix Realty and Property Management, we work hard on behalf of our owners to lower the number of days a property is empty. There are a few things you can do to ensure your Continue Reading